Labbing for the Fortinet NSE4, which is an exam that covers infrastructure topics and security topics on the Fortigate firewalls, is a critical part of preparing for the exam!  In this video I will show you where to get FREE VMs so that you can setup your own Fortigate lab. I also review the limitations that you will run into using this method to lab, which as I point out are minor!

If you don't know if your PC can host a virtual lab, give this a quick read:

Battle of Free Virtualization Tools: VMware vs. VirtualBox

If you need to review the differences between Oracle Virtualbox (free!) and Vmware Workstation (paid!) check this link out:

Requirements For VirtualBox
Requirements For VirtualBox. Oracle VM VirtualBox is an free and open-source tool that you can use to run virtual servers on any computer using an x86-type processor, such as the common Intel and AMD chips. It lets you run other operating systems or another instance of the same operating system on y…